About Susan Ryan


I’m Susan Ryan, a forever resident of the beautiful Greater City of Sudbury. Born and raised here, I truly love this city with all of its diversity and flair. My background Education lies in Marketing, which made transitioning to Real Estate exceptionally easy and one of my greatest achievements. Almost 20 Years of experience in this business, and I still love the thrill it gives me when helping my clients fulfill their dream of finding the perfect home. It just never gets old! The saying that the proof is in the pudding certainly describes my track record.

My repeat clients and referral business thrive and run like a well oiled machine. It's the greatest compliment in our very competitive business, to have our clients refer future business. I like to pride myself in keeping up with all the changes in our business and how we do business. I am a forward thinker and am always open to new and better ways of promoting and selling your home.

With the Remax brand behind me, so are the other companies who try to out perform us. We are the force in Sudbury to be reckoned with and our statistics speak for themselves. I just cant wait to meet all of you in the future, and make you part of our business family. WELCOME HOME.